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Museums, exhibitions, galleries and vernissages are waiting for those who wish to take a journey into the depths of Lublin's seven hundred years of history.



Amazing culinary experiences are waiting for you in Lublin. Regional delicacies and dishes from various parts of the world.



The charms of Lublin, its monuments, history, a multitude of cultural events and a slow atmosphere encourage a longer stay.



If during a stay in Lublin occurs a breakdown of the weather or a spring storm is nothing to lose! In Lublin there is no time for boredom!


Top 10

Lublin Museum

Lublin Museum

Situated on the hill, the impressive Lublin Castle is a must-see when visiting the city. It features many permanent exhibitions of archaeological relics, coins and medals, regional folk art, weaponry, decorative arts, Polish paintings (including the famous ‘Union of Lublin’ by Jan

Holy Trinity Chapel

Holy Trinity Chapel


The Holy Trinity Royal Chapel is a pearl on the tourist map of Lublin. Decorated with unique Russo-Byzantine frescoes, the 1418 Gothic chapel is one of the most precious and interesting examples of medieval art in Poland and in Europe, a place where eastern and western cultural

Lublin Cathedral

Lublin Cathedral


This beautiful church is full of real treasures. The name of the acoustic vestry refers to its amazing acoustic properties. If you stand in a corner, facing the wall, and whisper, you can communicate with the person in the opposite corner. The ceiling carries sound that cannot be